• Supply & Distribution

    In Azul, we want to supply all your fuel demands and therefore we have tank storage facilities covering a broad channel of distribution strategically around Mexico, and our global network is managed by our experienced logistic team. With customers around the world, we only work with the best in the Industry who allow us to offer our high quality product and deliver it to your port of discharge in a timely manner.

  • Exploration & Production

    We offer diverse products and services in the petroleum and bioenergy industry like; project investment, drilling, enhanced oil recovery, improved oil recovery, drilling fluids and additives, technologies, and equipment.

  • EOR/IOR (Enhaced Oil Recovery)

    Enhaced oil recovery is a very important issue in Mexico, since most of the national reserves are still in mature fields. We use state of the art technologies to help the secondary and terciary process.

  • Mining

  • Trading Operations

    Our high qualified team is ready to assist you in our offices in Mexico and in the United States.

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